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Návštěva Pygmalionu

11/12/2018 | By |

Anglické divadelní představení, které jsme v říjnu navštívili s třídou 5.S, bylo jedinečným zážitkem, nejen proto, že se podobných představení v angličtině, navíc v nezjednodušené verzi, nekoná mnoho, ale i díky profesionálním výkonům herců a lingvistickým oříškům ve formě různých variací britské angličtiny, slangu a jazykolamů. Více v článku studenta 5.S:


On the 23rd October, class 5.S visited the play Pygmalion in the Selesiánské theatre.

Pygmalion is a comedy written by the British writer George Bernard Shaw in 1912. The play is a satire about the social classes in Britain. It shocked London audiences during its premiere when the main figure said “bloody arse”, which was totally unusual in that time for language like that to appear in theater. However, in 1925 Shaw was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature.

With our friendly accompaniment made up of professors Ledererová and Sukeníková, we entered the theatre around 11:30. We did not know what to expect. We were only told that the actors were English and that they were on a tour around central Europe with this performance.

The theater was completely sold out, filled mostly with other students and their professors. The play started after a few minutes of waiting. The first thing that we all noticed was the very high-pitched voice of one of the female actors, which started to be quite annoying as the time passed. But the other actors did a great job! They were changing roles, sometimes even from a man to a woman, within a short time. That was really admirable. The play lasted for two hours, with a short break in the middle. The actors tried their best and most of the audience really liked it!

In the end, I think that most of us liked it, it was a pleasant cultural escape from school.

Matěj Cabadaj, 5.S